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ANNOUNCEMENT: Highlights from Game 1 Varsity vs Cibola
Author: Rob K.
Game 1 Highlights of La Cueva's 40-8 win over Cibola on 8-25-17
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Fourth-down TDs lift La Cueva over Eldorado
Author: Randy Harrison / Journal Sports Editor (repost)
Through the years, Eldorado High School football coach Charlie Dotson has rightfully earned his reputation as a guy who likes to roll the dice. On Friday, it was his counterpart who did the major gambling. And the winning. La Cueva coach Brandon
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Natasha Gutierrez just posted a photo
Natasha Gutierrez just posted a photo
Natasha Gutierrez just posted a photo
Natasha Gutierrez just posted a photo
Natasha Gutierrez just posted a photo
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